Well Hello There...

Did you know that 90% of bloggers find themselves in the depths of difficulty when writing blog post intros?

Yeah well I'm part of that 10%, that thought grabbing your attention with a witty quote would be a good idea.

If you're still reading then it worked - keep going! you made it this far...

This is me. With bedazzled eyebrows and a touch of my favourite Satin Mac lipstick. Not to mention this kimono that I'm absolutely living in at the moment.

My name is Gabriella (aka Gabby or Tutu) depending on the time and place I suppose, whatever you're into tbh, I'll vibe with what you're feeling. Thank you for stopping by. 

I have been meaning to start this forEVERI've finally decided to get my act together in this bustling blogosphere that we call life and launch my first proper Fashion|Lifestyle blog. I say "proper" because I've had various Tumblr blogs for years now - it's a completely different platform.

I know I'm a tad fashionably late to the whole blogging party, but thats ok. Fashion, Beauty, Music, and Lifestyle are pretty much what I'll be gushing about and dishing out on here, so you'll get full coverage on all the juicy details that these aspects of my life entail. I have a passion for photography, art and style that I want to show you, as well as other musings which relate to a well lived life. ✈️✨

I'm actually really quite excited to start this journey and everyone is invited to take a close look into my life and join me along the way. Here's to new beginnings...

I'd love to get to know any of you who start reading, so do leave me comments and questions x

Dont be a stranger :)


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